HTT High Temperature Textiles GmbH

We are a young and innovative company and offer innovative products and excellent service to our customers.

Our program includes high temperature resistant fire hoses, fabrics, mats, tapes and curtains to cover virtually any application in high temperature applications, whether it is in steelworks, shipbuilding or rail transport.

We are aware that it depends on every little detail while our products are working at extraordinary conditions.

This is why we wish to pursue this central idea  of “working solutions”.:

In close cooperation  with our customers we develop solutions that are precisely tailored to meet their  specialized requirements  and operate reliably in the rough daily operation always based on proven, robust, innovative heat insulation materials and the know-how from 25 years.

Therefore  we are in the position to hold special customer applications and develop customized products. 

Weidenweg 23 | D-58239 Schwerte – Westhofen
+49 (0) 2304 / 96635-10